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Frequently asked questions on other websites

Many other projects have considered the cultural, political and technical issues surrounding institutional repositories and open access. Some of the most comprehensive answers are available at the following websites.

EPrints Self-Archiving Frequently Asked Questions
Developed by the creators of the EPrints software, this FAQ covers what-is, why, how and what-to-do questions, aswell as a nice section on "I-worry-about ...".

Open Archives Initiative (OAI) Frequently Asked Questions
The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. This FAQ explains the aims of the OAI and the standard interoperability protocol that it develops and promotes.

Open Access Now : (Mis)leading Open Access Myths
Open Access Now was published by BioMed central to raise awareness about open access. Its archived materials includes responses to some of the most prevalent and misleading anti-open access arguments.

White Rose Research Online Frequently Asked Questions
White Rose Research Online is a shared, open access repository for the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. This is nice categorised list of questions with simple to understand answers.